Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We had a great time at the store today - Adriana and I were very busy watching the soccer game between Holland and Uruguay.  Adriana was dressed for the occasion - in orange! 

I don`t know much about the game - I`m a hockey mom remember!  But, it was great fun to watch all those gorgeous young men running around the field!

I decided to take a few more pictures after I finished with Adriana and caught Brenda and Cheryl helping someone pick fabric for her quilt project.
I asked if they minded if I posted it on my blog and Cheryl said - go ahead no one reads your blog anyway!!  I`m crushed!


Deb said...

I'd be crushed too. I always read your posts..appologies for not commenting though...looks like a great day

Susan in Moscow said...

I believe you said that as a shameful ploy to get all of us to comment!!! So here I go:
enjoying the blog and the pics and the information e-mails - keep up the good work! They are especially enjoyable for those of us who never seem to leave the sewing room for very long.

Tammy in Ontario, Canada said...

See, now you can tell Cheryl and Brenda that people do read the blog!

Kelly J said...

I check your blog nearly everyday...I love your stories. Makes me feel a little less like I'm the only one when I find out you've had something goofy happen too!


Ariane said...

I always read your blog too! Keep up the good work!!