Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer is in full swing and we're getting ready for our Halloween and Christmas prints to arrive - any day now!! 
We've been busy packing up Sharon and Carolyn for this weekends Prince Edward County Quilt Show!  But, not too busy to open a box of beautiful fashion fabric (great knits for yoga pants)! 

I really enjoyed the rain today that is until I realized that I`d left my car window wide open.  Then, I was helping Carolyn put something into the trunk of her car - she`d backed it in the parking spot - I was so focused on not getting the box wet that I banged my head on the lid of the trunk.

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Ariane said...

Loved the rain today!!! Hope you didn't bump your head too hard! Hopefully I will make it to the quilt show. Crossing my fingers.....