Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday morning - life is getting back to normal - as normal as it gets for me - for the past two weeks my youngest daughter was visiting and as I'm writing she is on her way - flying back to Edmonton.  It's always nice to have company come (it forces me to clean up) but, it's always a relief when they leave!!
My oldest Jessica and her husband drove Britney to Toronto last night and stayed over.  I stayed home with the grand-kids - my grand son, for some reason was inspired to tidy up his room when he was getting ready for bed.  I told him he had done a great job - at which point he confessed that he had just thrown everything into his closet - he then went on the explain that it was ok for him to do that because he never opened the closest door!!
Sharon and Carolyn are still at the Picton Quilt Show which is apparently an amazing show - I might just have to take some time off today and drop in!  

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