Sunday, August 1, 2010

Long Weekend

I forgot to post our Holiday hours on the front of the store!  Sorry guys!  We are closed Sunday and Monday, open again on Tuesday - I hope everyone is having a grand time.  The weather is wonderful!  Drop in for a piece of cake on Tuesday - it's my birthday.
I may even go to the beach with the family tomorrow.

I can hardly wait for the new Cutwork needles - I had the pleasure of working with them at convention - they are amazing.  They come in a kit (relatively inexpensive) and they'll be available in packages of four later - these needles live for over 100 hours - hippie!!  The catch is that they work without thread and literally cut your fabric while it's still in the hoop in between thread colour changes - wait till you see what they can do - we are going to have a class before the middle of Sept. - you can let us know if your interested and we'll put you on the call list.
Keeping you in stitches, Margaret

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Kelly J said...

Dibs on a Cutwork Needle kit when they come in, please! please! Kelly J