Saturday, August 7, 2010


We have just received some absolutely beautiful fabric - a cotton/silk blend in 15 different (solid) colours!  This fabric is great because it makes up into lovely garments - pj's, blouses, skirts - and it will also work well in a quilt top - the cotton adds strength and ease of handling to the weave!!  In other words it is the PERFECT fabric!!  The fabric is on the machine side of the store so, don't forget to come and see Debbi and me!
It's a sunny day - no humidity - my kind of day.  I hope none of you got caught outside in that down pour the other day.  I should mention for those of you who live in town - when I was walking my Max (the large white rat looking dog) last night I bumped into a woman who was walking the almost identical beast - she had just seen a coyote walking down the middle of one of the side streets - it might be a good idea to keep your small animals in the house. 
Keeping you in stitches,

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Ariane said...

You should take a picture of those lovely fabrics and put them on the blog to entice us to go in and check them out. Just a thought!!!