Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Could it be... too hot!!
I just want you to know that the reason you don't hear from me as often is because I'm having a problem with my right hand.  Last night I got smart and went to the drug store to buy a brace -$27 ugh!   When I got home I decided to do some work on the computer and went to put the brase on.  Guess what - yep - I bought it for the wrong hand! 

We're off to the Guild dinner tonight - it should be exciting and the food is always great!

Keeping you in stitches, Margaret

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Anonymous said...

The body heals best when you are sleeping. The problem with wrist and hand problems is that the body at rest instinctively curls the hands and wrists, so circulation is poor. If you wear your brace (if you have got the proper one) when you are in bed and sleeping, you can heal much faster. If its more in the wrist, you can use the wrist guards from roller blading, which are a lot cheaper.

Been there, done that.