Thursday, September 30, 2010

My grandson and I were walking home from his school's OPEN HOUSE last night, just before dusk.  I heard the famous honk and looked up to see a very large flock of geese flying low and obviously heading south (how sad is that).  My grandson thought it was odd that they weren't forming a complete V - the formation looked more like a check mark! 
I asked him what he thought was the reason for that and he immediately responded "I think
the rest of them decided to take the long way!"  What a hoot!
I keep forgetting to remind everyone that the 401 Quilt Run begins tomorrow - lots of fun & lots of discounts - for more information check out our web site!

Quilt & Stitch has it's own in-house service department - we service all makes and models!
Keeping you in stitches,

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