Monday, September 6, 2010

Back to School

Yippee!  The kids are back to school tomorrow - how great is that!!   I can hardly wait - I think that I'm more excited than my grand kids are.
I must apologize for neglecting our blog - I've been very busy with our fall class schedule and the newsletter - which by the way is ready for pick-up.  Don't forget our OPEN HOUSE is this Friday and Saturday.  We're should have a great time with our Show & Tell - lots of prizes, discounts - treats and more!
I've been working so hard that I really didn't have anything thing fun to share...until this weekend.  My son and daughter-in-law came over for supper Sunday night.  My son and his wife are environmentally conscious - they won't wear leather or eat meat - they try to buy food grown and produced in Ontario, etc. and they buy second hand clothes whenever they can.  My daughter-in-law was wearing her newest (to her) sweater.  She and my son didn't like the button and so asked my daughter and I if we had one she could subsitute.  Jessica went and got her stash and I went and got mine (mine was bigger)  - Molly picked out out a beautiful pewter button (from my stash) and she asked if I would sew it on for her.  
I was happy to - completely ignoring the fact that I had just consumed two and a half glasses of wine (one usually does me in) I grabed the sweater and cut off the old button - I thought what I was cutting was the shank but it wasn't - instead I cut a rather large hole Molly's new sweater.  I managed to sew it up and hide it under the, thank goodness, giant button.
I'm not sure but I think she's still speaking to me.
Keeping you stitches,

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