Friday, June 18, 2010

What a beautiful morning - the humidity hasn't hit yet!
We had some wonderful news yesterday - the offer from Husqvarna Viking has been extended a week.  What that means is...
if you purchase a Designer Diamond embroidery machine you will get the 4D Professional
(and an automatic free upgrade to 5D) - the offer is valid until Friday June 25th .
I am absolutely exhausted  - Debbi who is much younger than I isn't - not at all fair!!!  We decided
to make some changes to our sewing machine room - cozy it up so to speak - I must have been up and down the ladder (what feels like) a million times - hanging quilts and embroidery samples.  The fatigue (the last 2 nights I've been in bed asleep before 10 pm) is just a reminder that I'm over 60 - another birthday is coming up!!  August 3 - don't forget - I think we should have a party!!!