Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Well, here we are SUMMER!!  This is not always the best time of the year for me because I hate having to shed those protective layers - of clothing!! That really is the least of my problems - I was at my
grandson's softball game on Monday evening - the poor coach was all by himself and asked me and one of the mother's to help out - a request I'm certain he regrets.  I don't know how to score keep so,
I was put in charge of the batting order, to make sure the kids had on their helmets and had the right bat!  That put me too close to the action.  I tend to be a bit competitive and when I get excited... well, look out!
I thought I was yelling encouragements to the players - but, somehow I don't think it sounded like that.  My HOCKEY MOM VOICE came out - I sounded like a shrew - my screechy womany voice (as my younger daughter calls it) was back with a vengeance - thank goodness there were only 4 innings!!

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Tammy in Ontario, Canada said...

Well...It does seem appropriate that someone who owns a quilt shop should be in charge of the "batting order" ~ maybe the coach knew more then you thought :)