Sunday, June 6, 2010


Hi everyone - great news - the new roof is up and finished - at least on our side of the plaza -
all our students and shoppers were so understanding about the noise, the mess, the lack of air conditioning and the smell (which wasn't me but the tar - you could actually taste it at times) -
I think everyone of us had a headache or five over the two week period of suffering - I did -
thank goodness for those cheap drugs.
We had a lot of work to do preparing the store for the roofers.  We had to take all the quilts and other things off the walls, cover everything else up with plastic and tarpaulins (good job
too because a little tar dripped through some cracks in the roof - over my desk in the office that
I share with Adriana).  When it was all over we reversed the process - after we took down and folded all the tarps and the plastic - we had to hang all the quilts and things back up on the walls.  Then
we decided to re-arrange the store to get ready for "SHOP HOP"!!
While we were doing all this work two of us were carrying a piece of furniture - I, who shouldn't
talk and walk at the same time was doing the walking backwards part of the carrying and backed
right into one or two of those lethal hooks that hold the patterns - ouch!
Debbi decided that I was dangerous and so took over for me - within seconds she too had backed into something - I must say she did a way better job of it than I - she almost took out the whole unit.
Oh, what fun we had - lots of colour - all be it black and blue!!!!

Just so you know Quilt & Stitch is on summer hours - Monday - Friday, 9:30 am - 5 pm; Saturday, 9:30 am - 4 pm.  Regular hours apply during Shop Hop June 10, 11 & 12.

It's Sunday, my day off, the temperature has plummeted and its raining.  I had to have a
hot chocolate to warm up after walking the dog - I should have added a few drops of Bailey's -
that might have made the day a little brighter!!
Keeping you in stitches,

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Tammy in Ontario, Canada said...

Margaret- you are always doing something.