Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Well, I've gone and done it again - if I keep this up I won't be allowed to babysit any more!  Last night I was stuck with the grand kids - a great hardship - well, this week anyway because it's "turn off the TV" week. When I couldn't stand the whining and the "I'm bored" any longer it was off to the dog park we went with Max.  I made sure the kids were dressed warmly but, I forgot about me.  We were (I was) freezing after an hour but, I still had to drag the kids home. 
Being the warm and loving grandmother that I am, I made us all hot chocolate - it was really just an excuse to use the mini (hand held) frother that my daughter got for Christmas - it has something to do with specialty coffees and whipping milk.  The evening ended well. 
The problem arose this morning when my son-in-law discovered the frother submerged in water in the kitchen sink.  I guess I wasn't thinking and just dropped it into the sink to soak - as if it was spoon.  Glenn took the batteries out and has taken it apart to let it dry - hopefully (but, he doesn't hold out much hope) it will work again - otherwise I'll have to buy them a new one.  It was a classic "senior moment" and it may turn out to be an expensive one.

I must apologize to all my friends who were so disappointed that I didn't have a "turkey" story after this last holiday weekend.  I am sorry to have to admit that I didn't cook one this Easter - I certainly didn't cook a ham either (hate ham) - I didn't cook at all!!  I had a great time, the whole family was together and I didn't make any of them sick.

Keeping you in stitches,
Margaret & Debbi

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