Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's amazing what a little rain will do - although the dog and I both felt like drowned rats by the time we got home from walking the grand kids to school this morning.   But because of that 'little' rain,  the buds on the trees look as if they're ready to burst open, the crocuses are up and the tulips leaves have even popped out of the ground.  Ladies I do believe that spring is here!
My youngest daughter was here for Easter (10 days and not one argument) - she is heading home to Edmonton tonight.  I hope you had a nice weekend with your family and friends as well!!
Our spring schedule is full of exciting classes and is ready for pick-up at the store - it will soon be posted to the web site. 
It would be nice if you'd let us know what other (if any) classes you'd be interested in taking in the fall.  We are working on a few fun workshops for this summer - stay tuned for more information.
Don't miss our "Embroidery Club" Thursday, Apr. 8 - 1 - 3 pm.
Keeping you in stitches,
Margaret & Debbi 

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