Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Hi, I just have to share this with you.  Yesterday, I went home early (my son was coming over for supper) and on the way back at 6:30 to help out with a class I was listening to the CBC.  This fellow was going on about two horrible run ins he'd had with wild turkeys.  Well, I'd never heard of anything like it - the poor guy had had one of them take off his side mirror and then a couple of months later, while driving north on hwy. 38 had had one fly into his car (he had all the windows open because it was a beautiful day in June).  It hit him in the back of the head and landed on the back seat and died.  But, the bird didn't just pass away - oh no, he exploded, filling the car with feathers.  The poor guy almost lost control of the car but, he did manage to pull over and stop.  He was so mad that he grabbed the dead bird out of the back seat and kicked it into the nearest field.  He obviously wasn't thinking about food at the time - he could have taken it home for dinner!   That in itself was funny enough - but, when I got back to the store Debbi was on the phone with her husband - I could hear him yelling - Debbi, getting annoyed with him kept asking if he'd called the police.
I was intrigued!  It turns out that her husband, driving their niece home to Westport had had a run-in with a... wild turkey!  The turkey had taken out a head light and dented the hood of their SUV (over $1,000 damage).  But, Debbi's husband was thinking because he stopped the vehicle and grabbed the dead bird and brought it home to eat!!
The co-incidence was too much!!

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