Thursday, January 20, 2011

We had a great Open House weekend - snow and all!!  It's sure nice to see the sun shinning.
The winners of Show & Tell were: 1st place - Angela Mayell; 2nd place – Cindy Semple & 3rd place - Susan Clarke.
Door prize winners are: Jan Koiste, Maureen Sanderson, Ruby Doan and Teri Thayer.
I take Wednesdays off and so yesterday decided that I should make supper for my family - for the first time since Christmas.  I made a wonderful meal - with mashed potatoes for my grandson (because that's all he will eat).  He just loves them, but being the connoisseur that he is they have to be smooth with absolutely no chunks.  Unfortunately, in my zeal to make the perfect mashed potatoes added too much milk and ended up with the consistency of thick soup!  My grandson would not eat them.                                                      I scooped the potatoes off his plate with a spoon and was about to dump them in the garbage when it suddenly hit me that I should be composting them instead.  I pulled the spoon back just in time to avoid the garbage bin but, not the floor.  The giant blob of white mush, right in front of my son-in-law,  plopped onto the kitchen floor.                                                                              I started laughing, my son-in-law started rolling his eyes and the dog who has serious digestive problems ran over and inhaled the, what he thought was a treat.  Glenn walked away muttering under his breath that I had to clean up the mess the dog was going to make when his stomach rejected the "people food". 
Keeping you in stitches, Marg

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Deb said...

oh no I think I would have rather cleaned up the potatoe!!

Glad you had a wonderful open house sure wished i lived that little bit closer. thanks for the lovely tips on the sidebar