Friday, July 1, 2011

Canada Day

Happy Canada Day - I tried to get to this earlier in the evening but, my grandson took over my laptop.  What a great day - the weather was beautiful and I actually got to do a little celebrating - I was babysitting the two grand kids with my youngest daughter.  We took them to Howe Island to visit a friend of hers who has just bought a sea-doo.  When we first arrived one of my daughters friends neighbour (hows that for a mouthful) decided to take it for a spin. She started it while it was sitting in sand and rock!  I took the kids to Gananoque - we had a ball (I have never seen so many red t-shirts in one place) and they took over an hour to get the rocks out of the sea-doo.  We did get in a few trips before we had to leave - it was great fun and a real treat to see a bit of the Thousand Islands.
Remember - there is no Mystery Block-of-the-Month tomorrow - it is scheduled for Saturday, July 9.
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